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North-West & Giant’s Causeway, Ireland Blog – Part One – SHORT VERSION

THIS BLOG IS THE SHORT VERSION, if you would like to read the long version, please CLICK HERE This blog is the first of two that I shall be writing about my week in NI/Ireland and it will cover the first two days of my week. This blog is to be used as a reference to the locations that my clients will experience should they decide to join me on my five-day North-West and Giant’s Causeway Workshop in September 2017.     During the [...]

Fanad Lighthouse, County Donegal, Ireland

North-West & Giant’s Causeway, Ireland Blog – Part One – LONG VERSION

THIS BLOG IS THE LONG VERSION, if you would like to read the short version, please CLICK HERE This blog is the first of two that I shall be writing about my week in NI/Ireland and it will cover the first two days of my week. This blog is to be used as a reference to the locations that my clients will experience should they decide to join me on my five-day North-West and Giant’s Causeway Workshop in September 2017. During the [...]

Taking delivery of my new 9 seater Ford Tourneo

Welcome to the new nine-seater company minibus

I would like to introduce you to my very latest company purchase from my local Ford dealership Evans Halshaw in Preston. This afternoon I excitedly collected the keys to a stunning luxury nine-seater Ford Tourneo Custom Limited long wheelbase minibus. I am delighted to be in a position to upgrade my landscape photography workshop company transportation that will have my clients driven around in increased comfort and style on workshops. This minibus is fully loaded with nine seats that recline, [...]

Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year Competition. Melvin Nicholson Neist Point

Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year 2016-17 – ‘Commended’

I am delighted to be able to announce that my Neist Point image has received a ‘Commended’ award in this year’s prestigious Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. The printed book arrive a couple of days ago and I am so impressed, not only at the quality of the photography that successfully made the book but also the quality of the printing and presentation. Stuart Low the competition founder and head judge must be very proud of himself [...]

Operations Director Chris Wilcox offering a handshake as the contract is signed with Product Group Director Nick Adsett observing. The Great British Card Company.

Fogbow signed up by The Great British Card Company

Fogbow gets signed up Last November I was extremely lucky to have found myself in the position of photographing a particularly rare white rainbow (otherwise known as a fogbow) whilst on Rannoch Moor near Glencoe in Scotland. It went viral worldwide after I shared it on social media and my agent BAV Media marketed it to the UK and the world’s press. A lot of companies and organisations contacted me at the time to express an interest in wanting to [...]

Vestrahorn, Iceland

My Top Ten Images of 2016

WELCOME to my Top Ten Images of 2016 WOW, what a year 2016 has been. I have never been busier running workshops, 1-2-1 tuition days, shooting for myself as well as developing my photographic skills further with my newly purchased Canon 5Ds. I also got to shoot with some really talented photographers this year who have since become friends as well as discovering new and exciting locations in preparation for some new workshops in 2017. Places that have been on my [...]

LEE Filters, Andover, Hampshire

My visit to the LEE Filters factory

It was a last minute decision to drive the 230 miles down to Andover in Hampshire from Preston in Lancashire where I live. An opportunity to visit the LEE Filters factory came up and seeing that I have been using their range of DSLR camera filters for a number of years now and being somewhat of a quizzical nature (‘nosey’ in other words), I could not resist. Their factory tour started at 11am and ran until 2pm so I [...]

Fog Bow, Rannoch Moor, Glencoe, Scotland

Fogbow: Around the World in 24 Hours

Finally the dust is settling, the phone is ringing a little less than it did last week and even less than the week before and I am able to respond to my emails in a timely fashion. Who would have thought a single image could have such a huge impact on a person’s life? Not me that’s for sure. For those of you who are not aware of the story, I photographed quite a rare weather phenomenon called fogbow, on [...]

Stunning Sunrise Over Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland

Big Skies and Open Landscapes in Northumberland

I have been photographing the coastline of Northumberland for a number of years now and it never, ever fails to impress and excite me. Having been born and raised in one of the UK’s most famous seaside towns, Blackpool, I am no stranger to the joys of coastal photography but Northumberland has some of the finest, most exhilarating and inspiring seascape scenery anywhere in the UK. I run several two and three day workshops here annually using Bamburgh as [...]

Stunning sunrise over the Forth Rail Bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland

My Five Day Scotland Road Trip (Sept 2016)

My Five Day Scotland Road Trip Hi everyone and a very BIG welcome to you all. I hope you enjoy my latest blog and please feel free to leave a comment if you wish. I read and reply to everyone one of them. Thanks Melvin A couple of weeks ago, I spent five days travelling, discovering and photographing the coastline of East Lothian (St Abbs Lighthouse to Aberlady), Edinburgh city, the Forth Rail and Road Bridges and the Fife coastline between the Forth [...]

Grizedale Forest, Coniston, Lake Districti

The Importance of Post Processing

As a full time, professional landscape photographer, I am often required through workshops and 1-2-1 private tuition days, to assist people in helping them develop their photography skills. I must hear the following sentence at least once a week if not more. “I hate post processing, I hate spending time in front of a computer editing images. I just want to get it right in camera in the first place.” Now I believe that you should want to strive to capture the [...]

Buttermere, Lake District

Right Place. Right Time

“Oh wow, how lucky were you?” is often a question that I am asked when I find myself in the incredibly fortunate position of capturing a photograph of a stunning scene.   “Lucky?” I ask.   Well there is definitely an element of luck that plays a part in photographing some truly outstanding views but there’s often a tremendous amount of effort involved in being able to capture on camera the images that I do. Firstly there’s the knowledge gained from visiting [...]

Charlie Waite, Melvin Nicholson

Charlie Waite was worth the wait

Last night I attended a lecture evening by Charlie Waite as organised by Preston Photographic Society, my local photography club of which I was President three years ago. The now firmly established annual tradition of the club booking a big name speaker in the world of photography started back in 2010 by none other than my good self when I booked Leigh Preston to come and present a lecture in which we sold tickets to other local camera club [...]

A Week in Iceland – A Photographer’s Paradise

It was back in September 2015 when I made the impulsive decision to visit Iceland. On arriving at Reykjavik airport with my fellow travelling companions, the sight of snow all around pleased me immensely. I ventured outside while we were waiting for our tour guide to collect the Land Rover Discovery and I just stood there and enjoyed breathing in the cold, fresh air. Several minutes later we were collected and being whisked to our first destination which happened to [...]

The Weight of Expectation – Seven Days in Iceland

Two days from now I shall be enjoying my first day of seven in Iceland (Thursday 11th February 2016). It’s a place that I have wanted to visit for a number of years now and even more so these last couple or so mainly due to the sheer numbers of images I have seen on various Facebook groups (mine included, Landscape Locations for those of you who have yet to join) but I am in two minds about the trip. [...]

Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Skye’s the Limit

The Skye’s the Limit – 5 Day Workshop Review November 2015 The Volvo estate was crammed full of camera equipment and personal possessions and there was a seven and a half hour journey ahead of us from Preston in Lancashire to Portree on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. On this occasion, my good friend Tony was driving the 396 mile journey and I was grateful as it will allow me time to view all of the beautiful scenery north of [...]

My 2015 Top Ten Images

Well another year is about to pass me by and while I am, like many of you out there, always looking for that next challenge, or goal to reach, it is immensely satisfying to look back on your achievements over these past twelve months. So without further ado, here is my 2015 Top Ten Images. It was a seriously difficult decision to whittle down the many thousands of images that I have captured, both during the workshops and private [...]

Big Speaker Event, David Clapp, Mark Littlejohn, Melvin Nicholson

Big Speaker Event 2015 – What An Evening

Friday evening saw many months of planning come together in aid of one glorious evening of landscape photography, my Big Speaker Event 2015. Since going full time as a landscape photographer last year, it has been a dream of mine to tick certain boxes on my list, one of them to create an evening where I recruit the services of a couple of top quality landscape photographers to come along to present a lecture each showcasing their work while [...]

Sunrise at Silbury Hill, Wiltshire

A Weekend Workshop in Wiltshire

As landscape photographers, we are always on the hunt for that elusive image, that perfect shot that in reality does not exist. We travel the length and breadth of the country in the pursuit of finding THE next magical location. I am sure that I would have it confirmed by a decent psychologist that I have an addiction, that landscape photography and the constant search for the perfect photograph is like a drug and it would appear that I never [...]

Pilling Pottery, Lancashire

Pilling Pottery; New Exhibition Now On

New exhibition of my work now on at Pilling Pottery, near Knott End in Lancashire One of the goals that most landscape photographers have at the top of their list is to have their work exhibited in a quality establishment or indeed simply anywhere that there is available space that someone is willing to give. I have exhibited at the Nichol End Marine Cafe in Portinscale near Keswick in the Lake District for the past three years but I wanted [...]